Photo: Demetra Theodorou

About Us
The Ballet CenterEST. 2004

The Ballet Center is a ballet school, founded by Demetra Theodorou, a professional ballet dancer and qualified ballet teacher. Since 2004, it offers a wide range of classes for children and adults, varying from ballet to contemporary dancing. It is the official Examination Center of the Vaganova Ballet Method in Cyprus and operates with terms of excellence in every field.

The school cooperates with the Pancho Vladigerov Academy of Sofia/Bulgaria for the Vaganova method examinations.

It holds performances, open classes, lectures, seminars etc. Lots of the school’s students participate in ballet contests in Cyprus and abroad.

In 2017 the school was awarded for excellence in pedagogic teaching at the Little Star International Ballet Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the same contest, a student of the school won the 2nd place, competing with talents form various countries.

Why Choose Us:

High quality teachers. We feel that the most important aspect of our school lies in the background of our teachers. Only having the best training available will children learn ballet correctly and make the advances necessary so all of our students perform to a high level no matter if they follow dance professionally or not.

The Vaganova syllabus responsible for the vast manority of ballet stars worldwide. It is disciplined and it is designed to avoid injuries. We teach the authentic Russian system and style due to our pedagogical studies with the best teachers in the National Academy of Sofia.

Certifications: Provided by the National Academy of Sofia Pancho Vladigerov and the certificates are accepted all around the world. Our school is officially a licence Vaganova examination center in Cyprus which provide the Vaganova certifications.

Small sizes groups: Our class sizes are kept to between 10-12 students maximum as prof.Vaganova recommented. This ensures that each and every student can receive. Individual attention and correction by our teachers.

Training Program / Exams

The National Music Academy ’’Pancho Vladigerov’’, in Association with prof. Kalina Bogoeva Foundation,present a Tuition and Qualification program in the Methodic of Classical Dance.

The program is created after the model of the Professional Methodic Program – System Vaganova, adapted by Academician Kalina Bogoeva.

The program is compiled and constructed by the renown Bulgarian Prima Ballerina and acknowledged Authority in the field of the Methodic of Classical Dance,and the Classical Dance Repertory – Academician Kalina Bogoeva.

The program consists of Methodic tuition material for students from 4 up to 18 years old,coming from ballet schools, approved by the Kalina Bogoeva Foundation, namely by Academician Kalina Bogoeva. It is consists of two preparatory levels(4 to 8 y.o.) and six degrees (8 to 18 y.o.). It includes Methodic material, specific for each age group. The program is intended for ballet schools, practicing Classical Dance, two (or three) times a week and everyday classes for students who want to work professionaly.

Photo: Demetra Theodorou

The program foresees:

1. Theoretical and Practical Methodical Seminar on the tuition of the movements of the Methodic Program.The participants learn the theoretical material first,and then apply the acquired knowledge in practice.After a successful exam,presented to the Official Representative of the Kalina Bogoeva Foundation,the participants receive an official Certificate,issued by the National Music Academy ‘’prof.Pancho Vladigerov’’.

2. Practice Exams,after the completion of each degree.The students have to show theoretical knowledge and practical know-how of the material of the respective level.After a successful exam,they will receive an official Certificate from the above mentioned Academy.

The students who attain the highest possible rating,acquire the right of participation in the Varna International Dance Academy,with a 50% discount off the participation fee.

The students who have given an exam for the 6th,highest,degree,with the highest possible rating,acquire the right to apply for the “Art of Ballet / Ballet Pedagogy” Section,at the National Music Academy ‘’prof.Pancho Vladigerov’’.And,furthermore,the expenses of their first tuition year,are paid for by the Kalina Bogoeva Foundation.