Preparatory Ballet Classes | – ||

Preparatory Ballet Classes | – ||

Our program provides a valuable opportunity for our “little” students to develop confidence, creativity, coordination, motor skills, musicality and grace. In this program we also offer special gymnastics to foster strength, flexibility and posture. In our preparatory classes we teach the fundamentals of classical ballet focusing on proper body alignment, basic ballet technique and terminology and the children take exams on the Vaganova preparatory level I, ages 4-6, and II, ages 6-8.

Creative movement

Creative movement for ages 3-5. this class is an excellent introduction to the world of ballet in a structured and safe environment while instilling in them the confidence to imagine and explore.

 Creative play enhances the development of fine and gross motor skills, musicality, rythm, coordination and grace.

Social skills also are developed through activities that reward collaboration and cooperation. Give your children the opportunity to learn dance and grow!!!